Special Collections was founded in 1977 as the Southern Highlands Research Center with the mission of collecting resources that document the diverse culture and history of Asheville and Western North Carolina, a mission we continue to this day. Our collections include manuscripts, books, oral histories, photographs, and other materials.

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          We welcome students, faculty, staff, community members, and researchers to use Special Collections and University Archives. We’re located on the third floor of D.H. Ramsey Library on the UNC Asheville campus. Our reading room hours are posted below, and we are also available by appointment. As part of our mission to serve the UNC Asheville community, Special Collections also provides instruction, reference services, and internship opportunities to support undergraduate curricula and individual student research. Please contact us at speccoll@unca.edu for research assistance.

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          For news and updates about our collections, please refer to our blog, UNC Asheville Archives. We are also on Facebook

          Our collections include:

          Manuscript Collections

          Photograph Collections

          University Archives

          Books and Periodicals

          Oral Histories


          Vertical Files

          UNCA Senior Papers & Projects

          Institutional Repository - NC DOCKS

          Film, Video, Audio, & Music

          Realia & Artifacts

          Web Exhibits


          Search Special Collections



          Reading Room Access Fall 2020:

          Special Collections is open by appointment only

          Access is limited to UNC Asheville students, faculty, and staff

          A maximum of 4 people at a time are allowed in Special Collections

          Masks must be worn while in Special Collections

          Materials will be quarantined for three days after use

          Please contact us to make an appointment.

          For reference questions or to schedule an appointment, please call
          (828) 251-6645
          or email us at speccoll@unca.edu

          Ad-hoc changes to the stated hours may be necessary to accommodate classes. Please contact us to confirm hours.


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          Asheville-Biltmore College, the precursor to UNC Asheville, from the LeCompte Postcard Collection

          University Timeline 1927 - 2017

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          Updated May 2019

          Please send comments to speccoll@unca.edu

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